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Funtec Pro Beach Court Lines

140,00  VAT

Professional beach volleyball pitch marking made from 50 mm wide webbing in blue color


FUNTEC PRO Beach Court Lines

– The Pro Beach Court Lines comes with a 50 mm wide webbing in blue color. This makes it perfectly visible on all standard playing surfaces.
– All lines are precisely adjustable at the corners thanks to special plastic elements, thus stretching effects can be optimally balanced.
– With the help of the center markings, the field is simply aligned under the net. The sand anchor plates attached to the corners are tensioned with the help of rubber cables (bungees) and buried in the sand. The installation of the Court Lines is therefore extremely stable and safe. Even if a player moves a court line strongly, the anchors are not torn out – the webbing stays in place.
– The blue bands of the side lines have end marking for the playing field sizes 8 x 16 m, and also 9 x 18 m. The continuous adjustment of the court line corners allows you to create many other playing field dimensions as you like.

Product details:
– 50 mm wide webbing made from strong polypropylene, color: blue
– precisely adjustable to compensate for stretching effects
– markings for playing field sizes: 8 x 16 m and 9 x 18 m
– with red center markings under the net
– with sturdy sand anchor plates and long rubber cable

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