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The Concept

What we offer

Since year 2014 Beach Box Camps provides an exciting trips to the sunny beaches all around the world, combining trainings leaded by the world’s best coaches with careless rest and entertaining evening activities. If you feel passionate about beach volleyball, beach tennis or fitness and you are willing to have an active vacation - our camps are the best choice for you! Run away from the damp autumn or from the cold winter to a sunny, warm beach to join participants from all over the world and make new friends! Training program has been developed and led by three-time Olympian Aleksandrs Samoilovs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the price?

We are offering three types of packages:

  • Full sports package: includes trainings and hotel (the price depends on the destination and chosen catering);
  • Only training: If you don’t want to use the hotel arranged by the organizers, you can look for your own accommodation, or if you live near by and the hotel is not needed;
  • Travel companion: For the ones that want’s to join the trip, but are not interested in the training program.
Can I sign up for the camp with no experience in beach volleyball?


If you are interested in learning how to play beach volleyball or improve your skills in guidance of professional beach volley payers and coaches, this is the best place to be. All levels of players are welcome at Beach Box Camps!

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course, we are offering three types of packages: full sports package (hotel and training), only training (without the hotel) and travel companion (only hotel).

If you are willing to bring your friend, partner etc. with you who won’t participate in the trainings, make sure to purchase the travel companion package.

Beach Box Camps are extremely addictive! Like Hotel California, you can check-out, but you won't ever leave!… and you won't want to leave!!! JJ
10/10 Edgaras
Beachbox camp is a very well organized camp, where participants are honored to be taught by real professional teams / players. It's also a camp where you can easily find very sympathetic people! The community was awesome. There's no camp where you can be so close to your idols and spend time with them. I'm still overwhelmed! Thanks for that gift! Now I have to practice/ repeat the stuff I learned!!! Julia

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