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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When is the next camp?
here you will find information about all upcoming camps: https://beachboxcamps.com/shop-tours/
What language is the camp's official language?

All camp activities and trainings are conducted in English.

Where are other participants mostly from?

We are one of the most international camps you will find. Participants coming from all over the world. For example, our annual biggest camp in Mallorca usually brings together people from 30-40 different countries.

Can I participate in the camp if I'm a beginner?

Any level of player is welcome to attend the camp. In the first day of the camp, we split groups by equal levels.

Who will be coaching in the camp?

All of our coaches are elite athletes, World Tour medallists, Olympians and head coaches of national teams. 

You can find the list of all our coaches here: https://beachboxcamps.com/coaches/

Coaches of exact camp will be listed in the camp’s description.

Is there an age limit?

Adults who are 16 years of age or older are eligible for all our adults’ camps.

Kids under 16 are welcome to attend our annual Youth camp in Mallorca, Spain in October.

If I don't have a partner, may I participate alone?

You can, indeed. You’ll be placed in a training group with participants who are on the same level as you. Don’t worry about accommodation – if you want to choose double or triple room, we will accommodate you with the same gender camp participant.

Is it still possible for my friend, who is not taking part in trainings, to attend the camp?

If you are willing to bring your friend, partner etc. with you who won’t participate in the trainings, make sure to book the travel companion package.

We are offering three types of packages: full sports package (hotel and training), only training (without the hotel) and travel companion (only hotel, without trainings)


Can I arrive and check in into my room earlier or leave later?
Sure! However, if you are a solo traveller and reserve a double room, you will be charged the single room rate for any additional nights. Request additional nights by emailing camps@beachbox.lv
Can I depart from camp earlier?

You can. In this situation, the sport package must be fully paid and is not refundable. Missed nights can be deducted when staying in a single room. There will be a partial refund for missed nights when staying in a double or triple room. Requests must be made at least 10 days prior to the start of the camp and sent to camps@beachbox.lv

If I have to work, can I miss a training?

It is in your best interest to participate in all trainings. Trainings and all other camp activities are entirely optional. But please inform us if you know you will have to skip some trainings.

Can I stay in a different hotel or an apartment?

Yes. In this instance, order the “Trainings only” package.

Can I still participate in the program if I don't speak English?

You may. To make training sessions more comfortable for you and your coaches, we advise learning some basic words and terms related to your sport and training process.


What is included in the price?

We are offering three types of packages:

  • The Full Camp Package: includes accommodation with meals and drinks, a sport package, and all camp activities (with the exception of the day off activities, individual training sessions and massages).
  • Sport package without accommodation: Suitable for participants who want to make their own accommodation arrangements. The Sport package includes a welcome bag for each participant, participation in all trainings and camp tournaments and access to the courts for playing outside of training hours. This option is also well suited for those who live near by and the accomodation is not needed;
  • Travel companion: Package for relatives, friends, and campers who want to participate, but won’t be attending trainings.
Is a flight included in the Full Camp Package?

No, a separate flight booking is required. We can help with reservations.

Does the transfer from the airport come with the Full Camp Package?

No, a separate booking is required for the transfer.

Car rental services available in the airport terminal.

Can I still participate in other camp activities if I am staying in an apartment or another hotel and have booked Trainings only package?

You are welcome to participate in all activities. We always do our best to arrange also entrance to the events happening in the hotel, but we can’t guarantee that.


Can I still reserve a double or triple room if I'm traveling alone?

Yes, you can

If I travel alone, who will share my room in a double or triple room?

With another solo traveller of the same gender, roughly the same age.

If I only reserve a spot for myself but want to stay with a friend who is also attending the camp. How do we do that?

During the booking process there will be place for comments, please mention your roommates full name and surname. If the booking has been made already and you decide about your roommate later, please inform us sending an e-mail to camps@beachbox.lv
If you know exact person you will be sharing the room, please let us know in advance, because we might not be able to make changes in the last moment!


Is it possible to book a spot in the camp and pay later?

You guarantee your spot in the camp only after paying the deposit.

If I only paid the deposit, when should I pay the remaining amount?

The entire amount must be paid no later than a month before the camp.

How much does a camp cost?

The cost of the camp depends on the package you select.

I made a reservation, but never received a confirmation.

After completing the booking, you must receive a confirmation e-mail. If you haven’t received it, please let us know (and check your spam)!

If you have made a successful payment by direct payment with credit card, we have received it instantly and no payment confirmation should be sent.

If you pay with bank transfer, confirmation is you bank payment. If we don’t receive your payment, we will contact you.

Can I make a reservation and payment for more than one person at once?

Yes, you can! Choose as many individual reservations you want and click “Add to cart”. Fill information about every participant. 

*Please add the most convenient e-mail address for each participant, otherwise you can miss important information regarding the camp (we won’t send out any spam messages, promise)

How do I use a coupon if I have one?

You can add your coupon code to your cart after you complete the booking form during the check out.


Skill Level

How I define my level?

1 – complete beginner (B)

2 – beginner (B+)

3 – low intermediate (BB-)

4 – intermediate (BB)

5 – high intermediate (BB+)

6 – advanced (A)

7 – high advanced (AA)

8 – Exceptional (AAA)

9 – Open

10 – Pro

”B” level is beginners. “BB” level is intermediate. “A” level is advanced. “AA” level is high advanced. “AAA” is exceptional and very close to Open. “Open” level is the highest non-pro level. “Pro” level is where people make money playing beach volleyball.


The “B” level player is a recreational player who doesn’t have as much skill yet. They aren’t really that comfortable playing doubles beach volleyball. They still struggle with consistency on the basic skills.

The “BB” player who is either still learning, or is mostly relying on prior experience but not levelling up anymore. Some of their techniques are decent, but there are weaknesses in some of them, and they might struggle with proper court control, ball control, physical fitness, and strategy.

The “A” level player is a decent level player with good knowledge of the game, good at most techniques, and a good amount of experience. Still, many of their techniques are not more than a 7/10, they are often not as athletic, and still struggle with consistency and optimal strategy.

An “AA” level player is probably pretty close to AAA and Open – if only they pushed themselves up a bit more in each area of their game, they would be right there. Their techniques are definitely really good, with only few small weaknesses, and they are usually quite athletic.

“AAA” level players can play for the win in amateur tournaments, and compete at, but not quite reach the finals of National Championships. They might have only one specific weakness that keeps them from winning and leveling up to where they’re consistently winning NC medals . Other than that, their game is top-notch in all areas.

The “Open” level player does everything well: All kind of serves, defense, offense, ball control, strategy. They are semi-professionals who can make some money at the game, and could probably hang with the pros in training or a practice match.

“Pro” level players have reached elite status in all areas. They make a living with their sport skills.


Will I be automatically placed in a group when I select a level?

No, this is necessary to place you on the proper court for further assessment and Group Splitting, which will be decided by our coaches at the start of camp.

Can I switch groups if I perform better during camp?

If there are spots in other groups, it is possible. The head coach must receive your request; he will assess you and let you know if you can switch groups.

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    Beach Box Camps are extremely addictive! Like Hotel California, you can check-out, but you won't ever leave!… and you won't want to leave!!! JJ
    10/10 Edgaras
    Beachbox camp is a very well organized camp, where participants are honored to be taught by real professional teams / players. It's also a camp where you can easily find very sympathetic people! The community was awesome. There's no camp where you can be so close to your idols and spend time with them. I'm still overwhelmed! Thanks for that gift! Now I have to practice/ repeat the stuff I learned!!! Julia

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