Discover the USA together with the Beach Box Camps!

We are happy to announce our new destination – the cool and famous Miami South beach! This was a well-thought-out decision to pick this famous beach as it is infinitely a fantastic place. Here you will be able to find all your hearts wishes. Starting from the breathtaking scenery, endless shopping in the stylish shops, and numerous dinners on patios of restaurants and coffee shops.

Here you can truly enjoy a real beach culture in its glory! Stormy night life entertainment in the stylish night clubs and of course a fantastic beach with a wide shoreline and perfect white sand, as well as beach volleyball courts which are also used for training by many of the world’s top players. All this together makes this place perfect for organizing a Beach Box camp here.


  • Aleksandrs Samoilovs [LAT]
  • Jose Loiola [BRA]
  • Toms Smedins [LAT]
  • Drew Mallin [USA]