When looking for more and more beautiful and interesting beaches where to arrange camps, this year we have included also the glorious Dubai in the list of destinations. This is a luxury recreation in a very beautiful place together with beach volleyball master classes under supervision of Aleksandrs Samoilovs. Participants from the whole world will arrive to this camp to enjoy together a fantastic sport – beach volleyball and benefits offered by this exotic destination. Dubai is called the centre of the world, this is a place where the East meats the West, the old with the new, the traditional with the modern, infinite deserts, golden and wide beaches, futuristic, luxury buildings in the coast of Persian Gulf and warm turquoise sea. There are limited number of places in the camp so don’t postpone and book timely the most interesting travel in your life!


  • Aleksandrs Samoilovs [LAT]
  • Toms Šmēdiņš [LAT]
  • Kay Matysik [GER]
  • Genadijs Samoilovs [LAT]